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Moisture grain HE Lite



Moisture grain HE Lite (Germany) 
Electronic bystrodeystvuschy moisture HE Lite (Pfeuffer, Germany) is designed to measure the moisture content (proximate analysis) of cereals, pulses oilseeds in terms of cleaning, post-processing, storage and processing. 
Moisture is a microprocessor-electronic device, one of the latest developments leading manufacturer of laboratory equipment in Europe. 
Manual mills provides more accurate results. 
Possible displacement level of -2% to +2% gives 
adjust the value of humidity. 
In moisture automatic temperature compensation of grain. 
Technical data 
The accuracy of the humidity: 
- In the range of 5 to 20% less than 0.2% (0.1% of your passport); 
- In the range of over 20% and 30% ? 0,3%. 
Operating temperature range from -10 to +40 degrees Celsius.

Power Source - 1.5Vh4. 
Dimensions: 164h94h60 
Weight with Case - 2.5 kg. 

Table moisture measurement range of cultures 
Wheat (6-40%) 
Rye (6-30%) 
Barley (6-35%) 
Oats (6-30%) 
Buckwheat (10-30%) 
Millet (9,5-30%) 
Sorghum (6-30%) 
Corn (5-30%) 
Sunflower (5-25%) 
Pea (10-31%) 
Soybean (5,5-24%) 
Rape (6-30%) 
Linen (6-30%) 
Mustard (4-24%) 
Figure (6-24%)