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EKO - The Technology of Environmental Monitoring

  eKo is ideally suited to address the monitoring needs within precision agriculture, irrigation management, urban monitoring and environmental science. Proven as the wireless sensor networking platform for any outdoor sensing requirement regardless of sensor type, eKo is fully packaged for the elements, solar-powered and ready to use out-of-the-box.

The eKo Pro Series provides ease in setup and use within every aspect of the solution. There are no recurring maintenance, cellular or satellite fees. With a simple internet connection, your live data is viewable from any simple web browser anywhere in the world. The main components of this system are the node, base radio and gateway which create the foundation of this cutting-edge system. The system can be easily enhanced with various sensors and provides users with an easy to deploy wireless monitoring system to efficiently gather data about their environment from multiple locations. The system is available in a pre-defined kit or individual components to meet your specific requirements.


The eKo Pro Series Solution Consists of the Following Components:


- eKo node




The eKo Node is a fully integrated solar-powered microclimate sensing device that allows users to quickly and easily deploy a multi-point weather monitoring solution that provides data from their environment. Each node can accommodate up to 4 different sensor types. The simple interface allows users to not only use the suite of sensors Crossbow offers, but integrate their own 3rd party sensors as well.

The eKo Node uses an energy-efficient radio and sensors for extended battery-life and performance. The eKo Node integrates Crossbow’s IRIS processor/radio board and antenna that are powered by rechargeable batteries and a solar cell. The nodes themselves form a wireless mesh network that can be used to extend the range of coverage. By simply adding an additional eKo Node, it is easy to expand your coverage area. The nodes come pre-programmed and pre-configured to form a true mesh network and require about 1-2 hours per day of sunlight exposure to keep their batteries charged. The enclosures have a metal bracket on the back that can be used to secure the units to stakes.

- eKo sensors

ES1101 – Soil Moisture and Soil Temperature
We recommend at least 2 eS1101 sensors be connected to one eKo Node to measure soil moisture at different soil depths. By monitoring the sensor measurements between irrigations, it is possible to measure the rate at which the soil is drying out.




ES1110 – Soil Water Content
The ES1110 obtains volumetric water content by measuring the dielectric constant of the media. It incorporates a high frequency oscillation which allows the sensor to accurately measure soil moisture in any soil with minimal salinity and textural effects.





ES1201 – Ambient Temperature and Humidity
The ES1201 is a temperature/humidity sensor that measures the ambient relative humidity and air temperature. These readings are also used to calculate dew point. The sensor enclosure protects the sensor from mechanical damage, and a membrane flter protects the sensor elements from dust, dirt, and water spray





ES1301 – Leaf Wetness
Many fungal and bacterial diseases affect plants only when moisture is present on a leaf surface. The ES1301 determines the presence and duration of canopy wetness allowing users to forecast disease and protect the plant canopy.



  ES1401 – Solar Radiation
The ES1401 uses the Davis Solar Radiation sensor and measures global radiation, both the direct and diffuse components of solar irradiance. Allows users to monitor evapotranspiration. Algorithms have been integrated into the eKoView interface allowing users to easily manage and make decisions based on the data collected for disease modeling and prediction.



ES2000 –Weather Station Sensor Suite
The ES2000 offers an integrated weather sensor suite which combines a rain collector, a temperature and humidity sensor with radiation shield, solar radiation sensor, barometric pressure sensor and an anemometer in one package. The data collected allows users to display ET (evapotranspiration) data, do weather forecasted, calculate chill hours, heat degree days and dew point.
The eKo node must be purchased seperately


Each eKo Node can support up to four sensors. Sensors are simply plugged into the unit, and when the eKo Node is reset, it scans the sensor ports to auto-identify the sensors. The Nodes are designed to accommodate almost any type of low-power sensors.

- еКо Base station





The eKo Gateway, eG2100, is an embedded Sensor Network gateway device that comes preloaded with Crossbow’s Sensor Network management and data visualization software packages, eKoView. These programs are automatically started when the gateway is turned on. Plug-and-play at start-up, the gateway and the eKoView web interface easily allows users to view data real-time, run reports, set alerts and more.

The eKo Base Radio, eB2110, is a fully integrated package that provides the connection between the nodes and sensors deployed and the eKo Gateway. The base radio integrates a Crossbow IRIS processor/radio board, antenna and USB interface board which is preprogrammed with Crossbow’s XMesh low-power networking protocol for communication with deployed Nodes. The USB interface is used for data transfer between the base radio and the eKoView application running inside the eKo Gateway.

- Software

eKoView offers a familiar and intuitive web browser based (i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox etc) interface for your sensor network data visualization. The eKo gateway (a plug-and-play web server) comes pre-installed with the eKoView web interface. The eKoView web application makes it easy for users to start monitoring and access their data from anywhere in the world via a laptop or smart phone.
This free application allows you to view your real-time data, receive alerts to both your computer and cellular phone allowing for a fast reaction to any situation. Managing your crops, vineyards or environment has never been so easy and efficient. Your critical data is maintained on your secure website, where you can view charts, set custom alerts and triggers, generate reports, etc. eKo’s cost is all inclusive there are no monthly maintenance or usage fees.