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N-tester SPAD

Nitrogen tester SPAD


Chlorophyll is the green pigment found in all green plants and is essential for photosynthesis.

Efficient use of nitrogen (N) fertilizer is important to economical agriculture production and to

the quality of ground and surface waters. The chlorophyll meter is a good way to testing for N.


-Precision:  ± 1.0 SPAD

-Repeat: ± 5.0 SPAD

-Temperature of testing: 0°С  to 50°С

-Storage range: -22 to 50°С

-time for testing:  2s

-testing area Diameter:  3mm

-Stored datum: 30 Groups -50°С



The optimal number of N-fertilizer remains unknown up to the start of the growing season.

  • Dividing of N-fertilizer at 3-4 doses allows make flexible solutions, depending on the growth and weather conditions.
  • Optimal plants nutrition requires the active management of crop condition with the help of agronomists.

  • Using the SPAD N-Tester, you can simply, accurately and quickly determine the need for nitrogen your plants directly into the field.


Please, when setting up the SPAD N-Tester, pay attention to:

  • Growth stage: recommendations for N-fertilizer relate only to the growth stages VVSN 30-32 (growing) and VVSN 37-51 (first appearance of thin leaves before the start the ears).


  • Measuring point: measurement should be taken right in the middle of the plate the youngest fully developed leaves (see figure below.). The measurement of not fully developed leaves could lead to overrated recommendations.


  • Sorts: The difference between sorts is leveled through annual updates adjustment coefficients, which are given with the application map, as well as application chart, can be drawn by agronomist.
  • The sulfur deficit: S-deficiency leads similarly to the lighting leaves. When setting up the SPAD N-Tester, you need to install S-sufficient rate. We recommend that the S-deficit be covered at a very first dose, so that the application of the SPAD N-Tester prior to the second and third doses did not raise any S-deficiency. Other nutrients have no significant impact.


  • There is no impact on the measurement of N-Tester by the time of the day, pesticides or moisture on the leaves, strobile and the yield level.


  • High-quality wheat: There is no additive for the growing of high quality wheat in recommendation of N-Tester. Please consider the relevant recommendations crop sector.


  • Your experience: The SPAD N-Tester can not show the N-earth stocks that plants still can not take because of the prolonged drought. Then rely on your experience in the interpretation of the N-Tester measured value.


SPAD N-Tester can help you optimize the N-fertilizer in the economic and environmental terms.


Numerous own and independent field research, as well as of many years tests cover the accuracy of the N-fertilizer recommendations using the SPAD N-Tester. The N-fertilizer using the N-Tester provides you with agronomic success.